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Tides Ocean Waves Wall

Tides Ocean Waves Walls consist of curving in/out metal panels designed to add dimension and character to otherwise flat walls.

For other dimensional wall variations, see our Tides Rolling Waves or Tides Breaking Waves wall products. For smaller applications, see our page featuring Tides Art.

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Tides ocean waves, Moz designer metals

Standard Components:

  • Pre-rolled and finished solid-core Aluminum panels.
  • Snap bars for attachment.
  • Standard panel sizes, scalable for small or large installations.
  • Horizontal or Vertical Installation.
  • Unique Móz Color & Grain options.

Optional Add-ons:

  • Alternating Panel Sizes.
  • Special panel sizes/shapes, color matching, perforated, and exterior.

Material Options:

Classic Metals
Classic Metal
Jewel Tones
Jewel Tones
Skinz Metal
Skinz Metal
Blendz/Patina Metals
Blendz/Patina Metal
Elements Metal
Gradient Metals
Gradients Metal
Powder Coat Metals
Powder Coat Metal
Digital/Graphix Metal
Digital/Graphix Metal
Perforated Metals
Perforated Metal