Jewel-Tone Metal Material Showcase


Our new Jewel-Tone palette offers bold, refined hues that anchor a space and add unique expression to communal spaces. We drew from nature’s richest shades to create a range of gem-inspired colors that bring personality and depth to columns, walls, and ceilings in healthcare, workplace, and hospitality settings.

The Jewel-Tone palette is a compilation of new sophisticated hues from our Classic and Powder collections available in 10 new colorways with Solid, Perforated, Laser Cut, Engraved, and Corrugated options.


Moz Classic Rose Gold Silk

The extension of the Classic collection includes four new shades—Rose Gold, Peacock Green, Night Blue, and Steel Lavender. Inspired by jewel tones created by Mother Nature herself, this new palette feels luxurious yet organic, adding richness to commercial spaces while maintaining the comfort of our natural environment.

The Classic collection’s Jewel Tone Palette is available on multiple grain patterns, including Silk—a new grain made with fine lines for a sophisticated, polished finish. Select Laser Cut, Engravings, and Perforated patterns are also available.


Moz Emerald Sand Powder
Jewel-Tone Palette New Powder Colors

The new Jewel-inspired hues also extend into our Powder Coat collection, bringing six new shades—Metallic Rose, Sahara Gold, Emerald Sand, Blue Pearl Metallic, Midnight Blue, and Steel Grey to smooth, textured, and gloss finishes suitable for interior or exterior applications.

The Powder collection’s new palette is available in Solid, Perforated, Laser Cut, Engravings, and Corrugated collections.


Moz Classic Steel Lavender

Designed with 100% recyclable aluminum, one of the most sustainable materials in the world, our new Jewel Tone Palette breathes new life into the possibilities of industrial metal, offering design-forward architectural solutions that deliver on durable, diverse function and colorful, space-defining form.