Metal Divider Solutions

Creating Beautiful Spaces with Style

Móz Dividers provide both form and function–allowing us to reimagine open floor plans into safe, separate spaces, without the loss of human connection or the need for costly structural changes.

Our Divider Solutions are available in three styles: Post, Cable, and Frame – and offered in a variety of Solid, Laser Cut, and Perforated options

Each solution delivers ready-to-install, including all panels and hardware to help save time on installation.


Dividers can affix floor to ceiling with round or square post options. Choose from a gripper style attachment or an angle mount to minimize visible hardware and spacing between panels.


Cable Dividers can be an economical solution for a more decorative upgrade. Each kit arrives ready to install; all panels and hardware are included.


Incorporate a metal frame to surround our panels for a more established look suitable for partitions or to screen openings in walls.


A versatile and functional design-forward solution for healthcare, hospitality, workplace and retail environments


Choose from a variety of standard materials.

Laser Cut Metals
Laser Cut Metal
Blendz/Patina Metals
Blendz/Patina Metal
Digital/Graphix Metal
Digital/Graphix Metal
Perforated Metals
Perforated Metal
Gradient Metals
Gradients Metal
Powder Coat Metals
Powder Coat Metal
Elements Palette
Elements Metal
Classic Metals
Classic Metal
Jewel Tones
Jewel Tones


Choose from our selection of Architectural Powder Coat Colors as well as signature Color Collections backed with a 5 year warranty for exterior use.

For extended outdoor life, ask about our Ultra Durable Exterior finishes which boast a 10 to 20 year warranty.


Let us help you take your ideas to the next level with our over 30 years of expertise in providing material solutions. From perforated and laser cut metal solutions to custom digitally printed metals – we have a solution for you!

Contact us to collaborate with our team to create your own unique look for your next project.