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Racetrack Columns CC250

Ideal for large areas needing coverage, race-track aluminum columns are available in sizes up to 36″ x 81″ and come in four sections. Choose standard features like vertical butt joints, add options such as horizontal/vertical open reveals, recessed base/capital, or create fully custom aluminum columns.

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Standard Components:

  • Pre-formed and finished solid-core Aluminum surrounds.
  • Varying sizes with vertical butt joints
  • Cover any height using stacked segments
  • Ready to anchor to metal stud (by others)
  • Unique Móz Color & Grain options

Optional Add-ons:

Material Options:

Laser Cut Metals
Laser Cut Metal
Classic Metals
Classic Metal
Jewel Tones
Jewel Tones
Perforated Metals
Perforated Metal
Blendz/Patina Metals
Blendz/Patina Metal
Elements Metal
Engravings Metals
Engravings Metal
Gradient Metals
Gradients Metal
Powder Coat Metals
Powder Coat Metal
Skinz Metal
Skinz Metal
Digital/Graphix Metal
Digital/Graphix Metal
Stainless Steel