Laser Cut Metal Material Showcase

Metals in Motion

A collection of ten new movement-inspired patterns drawn from the natural and built environment.

Showcasing patterns derived from natural elements like sand dunes, wind, and the jungle, as well as inspiration from our digital and built environment with nods to technology and flight. These striking new patterns offer a diverse metal material suitable for columns, walls, ceilings, and partitions for interior and exterior solutions alike.

Available in 10 new movement-inspired patterns


New dynamic patterns in a series of three interchangeable designs to create a more unique look for large-scale installations.

These new series of patterns simplify the design process with a standard, easy-to-specify product that still displays a unique, custom-like appearance.


Móz Laser Cut Metals strike the perfect balance of texture and transparency, providing a unique design solution for walls.

Create a layered look or backlighting for a more dramatic effect.


Create stunning feature columns like no other.

Backlighting and Layering Laser Cut Metals on columns can create mesmerizing three-dimensional effects for a stunning feature.


Elegantly divide a space with Laser Cut Metal in a reflective natural metal or a bold pattern which is both durable and cost-effective.

Play with open area to control the amount of light and flow through the space.


Whether you are looking for radical transformation or the perfect finishing touches, Móz Laser Cut Metal will truly elevate any space, especially when incorporated with backlighting.

Choose from one of our 15 standard patterns, or create a custom variation for a more unique look.


Móz Laser Cut metals strike the perfect balance of texture and transparency to create a stunning exterior feature or facade.

Now available in Ultra Durable Exterior finishes offering a 10 to 20 year warranty.


The Laser Cut collection now boasts over 40 standard patterns with the ability to customize the size and shape of the cutouts to control the amount of light and flow through space These patterns are laser cut out of solid-core 3/16” aluminum 5052 material in 4’ x 8’ standard sheet sizes.

Móz Laser Cut Metals bridges aesthetics and function—all at a competitive price point,

providing an opportunity to integrate dimensional metal materials into any project.

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