Backlit Metal Solutions

Make a statement they’ll remember

After 30 years of working with metal, we’ve taken our metals to a whole new level with Backlit Metal Solutions. Integrating lighting with Laser Cut and Perforated Metals makes patterns pop and can turn Walls, Columns, Ceilings, and Exterior products into unique design elements that will transform spaces.


Turn structural beams into beacons of light with Móz Backlit Metal Solutions.

Read more about how our Laser Cut Metal Column Covers with integrated LED lights and light-diffusing backers helped illuminate the entrance to this award-winning luxury residential building in San Jose California.


Our Key-Slot Wall System was designed specifically for backlighting by utilizing a concealed open bracket attachment system allowing light to travel from panel to panel and reduce installation time.

A beautiful metal wall can be transformed into a dramatic feature setting just the right mood for hospitality, office, retail, and healthcare environments.


Our Metal Column Covers combined with backlighting capabilities create a versatile metal solution with unlimited possibilities. 

Turn structural beams into focal points to uplift any space.


Strike the perfect balance of texture and transparency to create a stunning exterior feature or facade that can dramatically transform at night.

Our Standard Color Collections (including powder coats) come with a 5yr exterior warranty. We also offer Extended Exterior coatings which can go 10 to 20 years.


Laser Cut Collection, Custom pattern, Moz Designer Metal

The Laser Cut collection boasts 27 standard patterns with the ability to customize the size and shape of the cutouts to control the amount of light and flow through space. These patterns are laser cut out of solid-core 3/16” aluminum 5052 material in 4’ x 8’ standard sheet sizes.

Perforated metals come in 5 standard patterns with custom options. Available in .063″ to – 1/4” thick solid aluminum and  4×8 and 4×10 standard sizes with custom sizing available. 

Let us help you create a solution to bring your next project to life.

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