Engravings Metal Material Showcase

A New Three-Dimensional Layer Of Design

The Engravings Collection offers a three-dimensional decorative metal surfacing solution that merges digital technology with artisan craftsmanship that bring new definition to Walls and Columns suitable for interior and Exterior applications.

Available in 6 new patterns


The Engravings Collection brings new possibilities to the limitations of traditional tile by making installation as seamless as possible by using a thicker gage aluminum so panels can be installed in full 4’x8’ and 4’x10’ sheets instead of individual tiles, saving precious installation time in the field.


Some of our newest patterns are available in a SERIES of three designs A, B, and C which are interchangeable to create a more unique look for large-scale projects.

Choose ‘Panel A’ to repeat or ‘Series’ (panels A, B, & C) for a more dynamic look.


Móz Engravings on Metals Columns can create a stylized look and install faster than tile. Choose from a variety of patterns from geometric to organic for round, square, or oval columns


Available as a Sheet for direct application to walls—complete with matching trims for corners and transitions—or as a material of choice on our Terrace or Hat-Channel Wall products for a ready-to-install solution that minimizes on-site labor and stretches your budget.


Our standard finishes come with a 5 year exterior warranty but we also offer Ultra Durable Exterior coatings which provide an extended 10 to 20 year warranty.


Moz Classic Steel Lavender

Our engraved patterns are available in over 20 standard Powder Coat hues with custom color availabilities from our signature Classic, Patina, and Gradient collections.

Made from renewable .090” aluminum, the Engravings Collection offers a highly durable, easy to clean metal material suitable for high traffic areas, providing a low-maintenance solution that doesn’t compromise visual intrigue.

Móz Engravings Metal Collection bridges aesthetics and function—all at a competitive price point, providing an opportunity to integrate three-dimensional metal materials into any project.

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