Healthcare Spotlight

Elevate Patient Wellness with Innovative Healthcare Designs

Our metal Columns, Walls, and Dividers solutions offer innovative architectural tools tailored to healthcare facilities, enhancing the patient experience through intentional and practical design.


As an elevated enhancement to structural columns, our metal column covers deliver an aesthetic product with durability and cleanliness for high-traffic medical spaces. As the healthcare design industry increasingly embraces biophilic design to improve wellness, Laser Cut patterns such as Stream, Tree, Palm, and Petal effectively connect patients to the natural world.

McLaren Karmanos Cancer Institute


Our wall solutions bring calming light and serenity to healthcare settings with backlighting to brighten the space and promote healing. Transforming healthcare facilities into sanctuaries for recovery, our wall solutions stray from the traditionally stark medical design without compromising on durability and cleanliness.


As easy-to-clean solutions, our metal dividers foster a sense of intimacy for patients, increasing privacy and comfort in patient care. With custom capabilities to enhance artwork, branding, and wayfinding, patients are prioritized from arrival to departure.


Blending innovative design solutions with practical functionality helps architects and designers meet the evolving needs of healthcare facilities. With exterior metal solutions that complement the nature-inspired interior design, patients and visitors feel welcomed before entry.