Long Beach Parking Garage

Long Beach, CA


Kardent Designs – Long Beach, CA
Vincor Construction – Brea, CA

Moz provided pre-formed and finished Perforated Panels to beautify an existing Parking Garage for the City of Long Beach. We provided roughly 153 panels to span over 2500 sq ft in a total of 5 different shades of white, greys, and blues. Perforated panels were made from 1/8″ thick aluminum formed 4 sides with trims to arrive at the site ready for installation. The perforated panels were constructed in two different hole sizes, shapes, and depths for added dimension. [Wide Panels] 1/8″ thick x 3/16″ dia x 5/16″ Stg Ctr Perf [Narrow Panels] 1/8″ x 3/8″ dia x 3/4″ Stg Ctr Perf. Each perforated panel was custom hole punched with a solid margin for a clean look. The panels were finished with a powder coating to ensure a long-lasting finish.