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Projects for the Portfolio

Hanover Diridon Apartments

LOCATION: San Jose, CA INDUSTRY: Residential/Mixed-Use KEY PLAYERS: TCA Architects – Oakland, CA (Architect) The Hanover Company – Houston, TX (Owner/Developer) PRODUCT: Exterior Backlit Laser Cut Tapering Column Covers in Skyline Pattern and White Matte Powder Color

Corporate Offices

LOCATION: Austin, TX INDUSTRY: Corporate DESIGNER/ARCHITECT: Corgan – Austin, TX PRODUCT: Engravings Metal Square Column Covers in Office area made from Aluminum in Dash Engravings Pattern and Bengal White powder color.

Corporate Lobby

LOCATION: Indiana INDUSTRY: Corporate DESIGNER/ARCHITECT: Carson Design – Indianapolis, IN PRODUCT: Gradient Metal Round Column Covers in Lobby area ranging from 10′ to 30′ in height. Made from .125″ aluminum in 2-half sections with horizontal seams and finished in a Gradient Moonlight Coarse Matte design. The entry vestibule was also clad using Moz Terrace Wall…

Kaiser San Rafael Medical Offices

LOCATION: San Rafael, CA INDUSTRY: Healthcare DESIGNER/ARCHITECT: HGA – San Francisco, CA PRODUCT: MOZ CC150 Square column cover in 4-sections made from .090” aluminum with Moz Blendz 419 Bamboo color and Durafilm Satin finish.

Kaiser San Rafael Parking Garage

LOCATION: San Rafael, CA INDUSTRY: Healthcare DESIGNER/ARCHITECT: Polytech Associates – San Francisco, CA PRODUCT: Parking Garage Entry Feature including 15 Laser Cut panels totaling 425 sq ft. of 3/16″ thick aluminum panels in custom autumn leaves digital pattern with a 20-year Kynar finish with painted fasteners to match.


LOCATION: New York, NY INDUSTRY: Healthcare DESIGNER/ARCHITECT: E4H Environments for Health Architecture – NY PRODUCT: Backlit Laser Cut Oval Column Covers in Custom Laser Cut Petals Pattern and Cream Metallic Powder color finish. Screen/Dividers in Laser Cut Petals pattern and Bronze Sand Powder color finish

Mercy Care Balconies

LOCATION: Oakland, CA INDUSTRY: Healthcare DESIGNER/ARCHITECT: Douglas Pancake Architects – Irvine, CA PRODUCT: Laser Cut Metal Screens for Balcony area in Pebbles pattern and Rusted Copper powder finish.

Jack Stack BBQ

LOCATION: Lenexa, KS INDUSTRY: Hospitality DESIGNER/ARCHITECT: Hoefer Wysocki Architects – Leawood, KS PRODUCT: .090″ Aluminum Metal Sheets with Patina 212 finish for Exterior cladding hardware fastened on site.

Balboa Travel Lobby

LOCATION: San Diego, CA INDUSTRY: Corporate DESIGNER/ARCHITECT: Studio Suda – San Diego, CA PRODUCT: Metal Weave Art in Lobby made from Aluminum with custom printed Digital Imagery on Clouds grain pattern.

Rapid City Regional Health

LOCATION: Rapid City, SD INDUSTRY: Healthcare DESIGNER/ARCHITECT: Earl Swensson Associates – Nashville, TN INSTALLER: TrueNorth Steel – Fargo, ND OVERVIEW: We created thirty-one custom Laser Cut panels for the Rapid City Regional Health Center lobby in Rapid City, South Dakota. Specified by Nashville-based firm Earl Swensson Architects, the Center’s primary goal was to become more…