Finishes for Móz Metals

Móz offers a variety of finish options to address durability concerns.

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Available in Matte or Gloss sheen. A high-performance automotive-grade coating able to withstand normal wear and tear. This finish is our standard coating for Classic, Blendz/Patina, Gradients, and Digital/Graphix collections. Suitable for interior use (exterior 3-5yr also available)

Recommended for: Walls, bar fronts, reception desks, and other moderate-use areas.


A 5mil polycarbonate protective film with a satin (non-glare) appearance with high traffic scuff and abrasion resistance as well as being great at hiding fingerprints. This finish is a premium option for Classic, Blendz/Patina, Gradients, and Digital/Graphix collections but is not available on perforated or laser-cut materials. Trims are recommended for exposed edges; contact us for special instructions on workability. Suitable for interior use only.

Recommended for: High-traffic public areas such as retail and mass transit.

Powder Colors

Baked on polyester or epoxy solid color coatings available in a variety of colors in gloss, matte, or textured sheens. This is our standard finishing for Laser Cut, Perforated, Engravings, and Corrugated materials. Suitable for interior and exterior use with high traffic scuff and abrasion resistance.

Fluoropolymer Colors

Baked on fluoropolymer PVDF 70% Kynar solid color coatings suitable for exterior applications. This is a specialized coating available for higher performance and an extended 10-20 year finish warranty.

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