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Digital Art

Combine one of Móz dynamic metal grains with your custom image to create a unique multi-layered surface. Digital images can be printed on solid aluminum for interior and exterior use.

Our design department can partner with you to create custom colors, combine images or incorporate logos for branding, wayfinding, or art. The sky is the limit!


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Standard Components:

  • Custom Artwork applied to .090” aluminum with polished edges.
  • Ready to Hang with an inset backing frame (creating a 1″ offset from wall).
  • Environmentally Friendly (made from 80% recycled aluminum).

Optional Add-ons:

  • Custom Colors, Patterns and Gradients

Material Options:

Blendz/Patina Metals
Blendz/Patina Metal
Perforated Metals
Perforated Metal
Gradient Metals
Gradients Metal
Digital/Graphix Metal
Digital/Graphix Metal