Ruby Blue, Las Vegas

Pull back the shimmering “curtains” of aluminum sheets and step into a razzle-dazzle dressing room from Hollywood’s Golden Era. Ruby Blue, the latest concept store from the Marshall Retail Group (MRG), is located at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, and invites femme fatales of all ages to enter a world of glamour.

Tiffany Mosher, MRG director of visual merchandising and store design, explains the concept:

“We envisioned a seductive environment with a vintage flair, yet with a contemporary interpretation to showcase our accessories. From mega-watt jewelry to leopard heels, it’s feminine eye candy.”

Ruby Blue was a very precise installation – all corners had to come together to present a flawless appearance. A polycoat gloss finish was added to the laminate for durability and easy maintenance.

“The shimmering red Móz curtains have exactly the right dynamic we were looking for,” says Mosher. “The walls appear soft and feminine, yet they’re light-enhancing and reflective. Móz metals were perfect for this project.”

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Nevada, LV


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