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Innovative Metal Solution Plays with Light To Create Lively Exterior Environment

Móz Designs teams up with Flyte on a unique, versatile laser cut metal application

Móz Designs, teamed up with Flyte to create a responsive and welcoming exterior environment for their offices in El Segundo, California, using laser cut and perforated metal. Designed by Ware Malcomb in Los Angeles and spanning a total of 5,000 square feet and six different applications, this project highlights the wide range of contexts in which the Móz patterns and craftsmanship thrive.

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At the entry to the courtyard, the color of the Laser Cut Metal adds a brighter point of focus, while breaking up the strong materiality of the entry’s arch and providing peeks into what’s inside. This move is repeated at the entry of the building itself, where the material is placed thoughtfully behind the main facade, softening its bulk and allowing light to reach through to the door.

Used to cover a walkway, the Móz Bubbles pattern creates a distinct dappled light effect on the tile below as the sun pours in, calling attention to what’s above and below simultaneously. The application shown below was installed in custom 5’ by 10’ sheets, laser cut and perforated to the Bubbles pattern, and finished with a white powder coating on both sides.

The solid-core aluminum materials Móz uses contain recycled and reclaimed content and are rolled and formed in our solar-powered Oakland facility. Aluminum is one of the most sustainable materials in the world, offering a solution that is both environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, Móz’s powder colors are highly durable and easy to clean thus suitable for more high traffic areas including elevator interiors and corridors. These finishes will also show less wear over time than standard polycoat finish options.

Móz Design’s commitment to quality metals and products that are unique in design, craft, and execution drive us to be a market leader in metal fabrication.

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