188 E. Blaine Atrium

A Light-Filled Atrium in Seattle Lets Materials Shine

Showcasing Thirty Years of Metal Expertise in this Latest Installation

(Oakland, CA) April 2020 – With over thirty years of custom fabrication experience, Móz Designs teamed up with designers at Perkins + Will Seattle to create a commanding Laser Cut metal installation in a brand new office building in the city’s bustling South Lake Union neighborhood. Móz fabricated 247 Laser Cut Metal panels spanning 6,000 square feet of the grand 4-story atrium. Each panel was crafted in a custom Laser Cut Lines pattern and custom Graphite color on Fog grain with polycoat flat finish resulting in an expansive, textural wall feature.

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Móz Laser Cut metals strike the perfect balance of texture and dimension while providing a durable and easy-to-maintain design solution for walls, columns, ceilings, and partitions. In this project, Móz used a custom variation of their Terrace Panel system, in which each of the 247 panels overlaps each other on the top and bottom edges, creating seamless joinery for a high-end look that remained on budget.

Designers at Perkins + Will Seattle developed a neutral palette, complemented by the sleek metal surround. The panels were also used to hide the AV system that would otherwise be visible and distract from the beauty of the light-filled space.

“The hardest challenge for us was how can we design the space that could stand alone but also act as a background for the future large piece of art within the atrium, not knowing where it would be located. With the atrium having a strong horizontality to it, designing a more vertical pattern would follow your eyes to the skylit above. The openness allowed us to hide the AV system behind the metal panels, so as not to distract from the clean lines within the atrium.” – Perkins + Will Seattle.

The project is in line with Móz Design’s commitment to quality metals and products that are more unique in design, craft, and execution than any other metals on the market.

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