Móz Designs is a premier provider of unique metal surfaces, systems, and solutions for the architectural and design communities. We specialize in fabricating with aluminum to create unique and visually-dynamic architectural products that contribute to LEED Credits.

  • Metal Custom Walls, Moz Designer Metals, Dimensional Wall, Metal, Residential, Hospitality
    Dimensional Walls – Exterior
  • room-dividers-flat_thumb
    Room Divider Flat
  • w_pr_1_320x320
    Custom Room Dividers
  • Moz Designer Metals, Metal Room Dividers, Digital Imagery
    Digital Room Dividers
  • w_cg_3_320x320
    Corrugated Sheets
  • w_p_6_320x320
    Tides Ocean Waves
  • J1858_N16 thumb
    Blendz Sheets
  • J2157 thumb
    Custom Weave Divider
  • modern interior with stair (computer generated image)
    Classic Tides Ocean Waves
  • R_146018_N21_thumb
    Table Tops
  • Perforated Designer Metal, Moz Metals
    Perforated Sheets
  • Perforated Aluminum, Ceilings/Canopies
    EMCC Student Center
  • Planet_Hollywood_Towers_2_high_thumb
    Round Column Covers
  • Dimensions Art Fortress thumb
    Digital Art
  • Corrugated Metal Sheets
    Corrugated Sheets
  • J1210_N6_thumb
    Retail Backwall
  • Q4296_N12_thumb
  • J1607_N3_thumb
    Aruba Airport Exterior
  • W Hotel Columns_thumb
    W Hotel Ceiling
  • w_hotel_2_high_thumb
    W Hotel Ceiling
  • mcdonald's_2_high_thumb
  • bluwire_1_high_thumb
    Classic Round Column at Gate
    Weave Canopy