Móz Designs is a premier provider of unique metal surfaces, systems, and solutions for the architectural and design communities. We specialize in fabricating with aluminum to create unique and visually-dynamic architectural products that contribute to LEED Credits.

  • w_pr_1_320x320
    Custom Room Dividers
  • Graphix MEtal Collections, headboard, healthcare
    Graphix Earth Sheets
  • R_150120_N4_thumb
    Graphix Flare Earth Soffit
  • Loomwall_thumb
    Graphix Loom Sheets
  • round_blenz_column_thumb
    Graphix Flare Round Column
  • Tabbycolumn_thumb
    Graphix Tabby Square Column
  • Moroccocolumn_thumb
    Graphix Morocco Square Column
  • Restaurant_bar_thumb
    Graphix Marrakesh Sheets
  • Cosmoswall_thumb
    Graphix Cosmos Small Sheets
  • Graphixwall1_thumb
    Graphix Serpentine Sheets
  • Column, Gradient, Designer Metal, Healthcare, Corporate
    Graphix Cosmos Large Column