Móz Designs is a premier provider of unique metal surfaces, systems, and solutions for the architectural and design communities. We specialize in fabricating with aluminum to create unique and visually-dynamic architectural products that contribute to LEED Credits.

  • room-dividers-flat_thumb
    Room Divider Flat
  • premiere_wireless_2_high_thumb
  • clear_clouds_round_column_thumb
    Classic Round Column
  • w_p_1_320x320
    Weave Art
  • w_p_8_320x320
    Weave Art
  • w_p_6_320x320
    Tides Ocean Waves
  • sempra_headquarters_6_high_thumb
    Stainless Steel Sheets
  • w_p_11_320x320
    Weave Wall
  • w_p_18_320x320
    Weave Wall
  • A0027_thumb
    Panels & Grippers
  • J846_N6_thumb
    Reception Desk
  • J1880 thumb
    Flat Perf Room Divider (Cables)
  • J2012_N2 thumb
    Flat Room Divider
  • NEW_roomdividers1_thumb_1600x900_
    Custom Room Divider Wall
  • Breaking Waves_thumb
    Tides Breaking Waves Art
  • Ocean Waves Wall_thumb
    Classic Tides Ocean Waves Art
  • Ocean Waves Wall2_thumb
    Classic Tides Ocean Waves Wall
  • white drawing room
    Weave Art
  • modern interior with stair (computer generated image)
    Classic Tides Ocean Waves
  • Dimensional walls 8_thumb
    Basket Weave Wall
  • private_residence_1_high_thumb
    Weave Art
  • R_140618_N25_thumb
    Table Tops
  • R_146018_N21_thumb
    Table Tops
  • R_140618_N24_thumb
    Table Tops
  • R_140618_N6_thumb
    Table Tops
  • T_SBC_thumb
    Retail Transaction Tops
  • R_1460618_N7_thumb
    Table Tops
  • w_p_2_320x320
    Weave Art
  • Weave Wall, Moz Designer Metals
    Weave Wall
  • chapman_university_1_high_thumb
    Chapman Rolling Waves Walls
  • KeyWay Metal Panels, Classic Collection, Designer Metals, Institutional
    Palo Alto City Hall
  • J913_N22_thumb
    Oval Column Covers
  • square_column_thumb
    Square Column Covers
  • Dimensional walls 2_thumb
    Plaza Casino Weave Divider
  • w_p_14_320x320
    Plaza Casino
  • w_p_19_320x320
    Weave Wall
  • J1210_N6_thumb
    Retail Backwall
  • T1174_thumb
    Table Tops
  • J2026_thumb
    Tides Ocean Waves
  • J1545_thumb
    Suspended Ceiling Panels
  • J1490_thumb
    Tapered Column
  • J913_N11_thumb
    Double Layer Column
  • Q4296_N12_thumb
  • aspect_communications_5_high_thumb
    Perforated Oval Column
  • J1607_N4_thumb
    Aruba Airport Exterior
  • J1607_N3_thumb
    Aruba Airport Exterior
  • J1296_thumb
    Elevator Panels
  • J1296_N7_thumb
    Elevator Panels
  • 320x320_tabletop
    Table Tops
  • Dimensional walls 6_thumb
    Classic Tides Ocean Waves Wall
  • Aruba weave 1_thumb
    Aruba Airport Weave
  • Aruba weave 3_thumb
    Aruba Airport Weave
  • W Hotel Columns_thumb
    W Hotel Ceiling
  • UTneyland1_thumb
    Custom Round Column
  • J1440_N4_thumb
    Terrace Wall Panels
  • Q4736_N5_thumb
    Table Tops
  • takeya_restaurant_5_high_thumb
    Custom Ceilings
  • takeya_restaurant_2_high_thumb
    Takeya Restaurant
    Sumter Regional Hospital
  • Custom Tapered Column
  • Planet_Hollywood_Towers_5_high_thumb
    Planet Hollywood Towers Ceilings
  • marina_grande_1_high_thumb
    Marina Grande
  • golden_moon_casino_2_high_thumb
    Classic Large Round Column
  • chumash_casino_2_high_thumb
    Table Tops
  • chumash_casino_1_high_thumb
    Table Tops
  • J913_N9_thumb
    Double Layer Column
  • alamo_community_college_4_high_thumb
    Alamo Community College
  • J1440_N3_thumb
  • takeya_restaurant_6_high_thumb
    Custom Ceilings
  • alamo_community_college_1_high_thumb
    Exterior Perforated Screens
  • Dimensional walls 4_thumb
    Classic Tides Ocean Waves Wall
  • takeya_restaurant_1_high_thumb
    Custom Backlit Perf Slanted Columns
  • J1671_N27_thumb
  • J1671_N6_thumb
    Exterior Signage