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Exteriors Applications


Columns, Facades, Screens, Signage & Art

Bring Móz outside with our specially formulated durable coatings and unique color collections, both standard and custom. For more information on Exterior Projects,  please contact us.


Stainless Steel, Embossed, Powder Coat, Exterior Metal

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Residential, Exterior, Interior, Designer Metals

Standard Components:

  • Moz Unique colors & grains (5yr)
  • Exterior powder coating - opqaues (5 yr)
  • Stainless, #4 brushed or embossed options
  • Extended Exterior Coatings Duranar® by PPG - opaques (10-20yr)
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy Design & Installation Solutions
  • Environmentally Friendly (made from 80% recycled aluminum)

Optional Add-ons:

  • Custom Options (size, color, & grain variations) are available.
  • Pieces can be customized for larger installations.

Available Grains:

Available Finishes: