W Hotel & Moz Designs Interior Wall Paneling

Porte-Cochere Entrance at the W Hotel, Scottsdale, AZ

It’s Wow time at W Scottsdale.


Visitors disembarking from Ferraris and Porsches in the hotel porte-cochere are surrounded by a flashy undersea garden with kelp-covered columns and shimmering ocean waves rippling overhead. Circular spy-glass portholes look up directly into the hotel pool where swimmers glide by and wave at the arriving guests.

Principal architect Christian Low of Hornberger + Worstell explains the concept:
“Our goal was to bring filtered natural light into the deep recesses of the porte-cochere, located beneath the pool. And we wanted to create social interaction between the arriving guests and the activity on the pool deck.”


An undersea garden was created – with undulating waves, kelp-covered columns and “viewing portals,” which connect up to the swimming pool. Natural, reflective daylight streams down and bounces off the interior wall paneling and columns.

The H+W architectural team incorporated light and water into the porte-cochere by installing acrylic portals into the pool bottom using technology from large marine aquariums.

“Guests looking up through the portals in the porte-cochere, or through the Living Room glass planks, can see the sky, pool guests and even the dramatic angles of the guestroom wings of the buildings above,” he said.

To create the undersea garden, Hornberger + Worstell called on Móz Designs to create a totally new custom adaptation of overlapping wave-like interior wall paneling, banking on Móz’s 20-year track record for creating unique metal installations for hotels and resorts worldwide.

The hotel developer, Triyar Companies, was actively involved in the design process and was very enthusiastic about the wave effect, the colors and grains – it was in line with their vision.

The W’s shimmering ceiling was fabricated with Móz Wall Weave, dynamic .063-inch solid core aluminum panels specified in a vibrant sapphire blue with hand-etched grain Ripples.

Four structural columns supporting the second-floor pool were also placed in the porte-cochere, along with two additional columns to create sculptural interest. All were wrapped with a champagne-toned Kelp grain to enhance the undersea setting. The same iridescent grain clads the acrylic light portals.

The project presented a range of challenges, especially since the wave panels and column covers were fabricated more than 1,000 miles from the site.
The one-of-a-kind wave ceiling was installed on a pre-fabricated suspended framework, mounted to the concrete ceiling, which doubles as the pool bottom.


Each of the dramatically-angled supports is clad with Móz solid core interior wall paneling and includes reveals with detailed insets. Finely-tuned measurements, careful fabrication and patient installation were required to create the resulting visual effect. “We specified Móz panels because it is a very dynamic material that picks up natural light from the ‘portals’ and throws lively colors and reflections around the porte-cochere. It’s very visual and exciting and immediately engages the viewer,” said Low. At night the portals do double-duty. Color-changing LEDs illuminate the pool and throw light and grains down the portals into the porte-cochere. “The undersea garden and view portals were designed to leave a lasting first impression at a unique property and that’s what you’d expect at a W!”