Golden Moon Resort

The Project…

Located on the ground floor of an ultra-modern hotel, Golden Moon Casino features gaming activities in the heart of Pearl River Resort. A multitude of areas within the casino required spatial definition, and the architects approached Móz Designs during the project’s conceptual stages. Initially drawn to the flexibility of Móz metal surfaces and custom colors, they welcomed Móz’s offer to also provide design/build know-how when plans called for engineering and installing 50 column covers and 11,000 square feet of metal wall panels. The broad-scope job consisted of the casino’s main exterior entrance and an expansive, multi-use interior space.


The Challenges and Solutions…

Due to the project’s volume and complexity, Móz sent a full crew out to the site. Working within the constraints of the field, the project managers found technical solutions for various situations while keeping an eye on aesthetic and cost impacts. Assessments led Móz to modify the existing environment by tailoring a unique wall structure. Sub-contractors then mounted the prefabricated frame on the wall away from the pipe and simply popped in individual metal wall panels. Additional considerations included the wide circumference of several columns, requiring sizeable enclosures. Móz brought elegance to even the largest columns with mass-diminishing oval encasements made of light-weight materials. Integrating translucent multi-layer reveals with internal lighting also affected a feeling of fluidity.



Achieving a cohesive outcome meant striking the right balance between experience and flexibility. Contractors valued Móz’s ability to see the big picture and make engineering decisions that they easily coordinated cross country. We ask the right questions, knew what to anticipate and created adaptable technical solutions.

The Results…

Among the unique and dynamic spaces, Móz’s exciting and versatile metal wall panels and dramatic lighting systems create a powerful and unifying presence for such vast and varied architecture, especially at night. The drive-thru entrance emits a cozy and inviting brightness with its six double-layered, internally lit columns-transforming a cold and empty outer area into the casino’s signature beacon.


Location: Choctaw, MS

Architect/Designer: Arquitectonica