Our Capabilities

We have the capabilities to bring your creative vision to life. Quality materials and products that are more unique in design, craft and execution than any other metals on the market.



We have over 25 years of experience in custom fabrication of metal products.


We push the limits of materials, especially aluminum, to take advantage of natural qualities. Our metals are reflective, translucent, and vibrant by nautre, which make our materials a stunning addition to interior and exterior environments.

Custom Fabrication

Bending the rules of metal is what we do best but we are more than metal fabricators, we are design innovators and solution providers.


We help the architecture and design community every step of the way; from conceptual design through installation. We can take any metal product from beginning to end.

Shop Capabilities

As a boutique firm, we can offer more flexibility with our material capabilities. Everything we do is in our factory, under one umbrella, from the raw materials, all the way to the finished product.

Custom Fabrication, Service & Design, Moz Designer Metals

Design & Development

Our foundation as a design build firm help us to push the limits of the design process and metal fabrication to develop unique material solutions that are feasible, cost effective and easy to install.


Having been involved with your project in the beginning phases, there is no one better suited to oversee the installation of your finish product than our in-house team. We offer appropriate assistance to you and your crew during this crucial phase. To help make your projects look as impressive as you imagined, our team will:

  • Coordinate with other contractors before and during the installation
  • Instruct your installation crew on all aspects of the process
  • Supervise the various stages solving any problems before they arise



Please visit our Case Studies and Portfolio pages to see some of the impressive environments we have engineered, fabricated and built.